nba比分直播捷报:Picture show: the faces and places of BP in 2017

Date: 28 December 2017

BP's photographers and filmmakers travel around the world to document the people and places that make the business. As BP Magazine looks back on 2017, here are some of the best images from the past 12 months...

A year in global energy

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Hanging out - by Stuart Conway

An operator in safety gear hangs on the rigging during preparation to install new equipment on the Clair Ridge platform. Located in the UK North Sea region, west of the Shetland Islands, Clair Ridge is due to start production in 2018.

White out - by Richard Davies

There's nowhere to escape the weather while refuelling in the sleet and snow at Inverness airport in Scotland. This flight is just one among 6,000 that AirBP fuels every single day, in all conditions.

Green fingers - by Marc Morrison

Biofuels start out in life as sugar cane; at BP's Tropical BioEnergia facility in the central-west region of Brazil, staff analyse the quality of the plants and soil. The sustainability of biofuels can vary greatly depending on the raw materials used and agricultural conditions. Brazilian sugar cane is one of the most land-efficient feedstocks for producing biofuels and other products.

The scientist - by Richard Davies

Not every expert in the energy industry works offshore. Science and engineering take place every day at BP's enhanced oil recovery laboratory in Sunbury, UK.

Ship shape - by Marc Morrison

There's quite a view from the bridge of the British Renown oil tanker while at anchor off Vendovi Island, Washington state, US.

Next generation - by Jon Challicom

BP staff talk to young visitors about careers in science, technology, engineering and maths at the New Scientist Live event in London.

The colour purple - by Marc Morrison

The Caribbean skies turn purple as the sun sets behind BP's Juniper platform offshore Trinidad. Production began from the facility in August 2017, making it the fifth of seven major project start-ups during the year.

Line of sight - by Stuart Conway

A view along part of the 1,850 kilometre-long Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP) as it is ‘back-filled’ – or buried – in Turkey. TANAP is a central part of the Southern Gas Corridor pipeline system that will carry gas from the Caspian Sea to Western Europe. First gas is due to enter the pipeline in 2018.

Smiley by Marc Morrison

There's something to smile about working life on board the Atlantis platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

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