nba比分最大分差:Energy economics

The Energy Outlook makes projections to 2040 and beyond, while the  Statistical Review provides historic data on world energy markets

Statistical Review of World Energy 2018

nba比分188 2017 saw record growth in solar capacity, ‘OPEC plus’ production cuts and a surge in Chinese gas demand. Find out what impact these developments had on global energy markets and what the implications may be for the future transition of energy.

The 2018 launch webcast, followed by a question-and-answer session, was hosted by Bob Dudley, group chief executive, and Spencer Dale, group chief economist, on Wednesday 13 June. A recording of the webcast is available to view now.

Energy Outlook – 2018 edition

The global energy landscape is changing. What are the key factors influencing the shift in the energy mix and the pace at which it is changing? The BP Energy Outlook outlines BP’s views of future global energy markets through to 2040 based on different scenarios. 

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