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Energy?demand grows in all sectors,?with?buildings and non-combusted use growing in importance

nba比分188 www.y2w8y.com.cn Growth in global?energy demand is broad-based across all the main sectors of the global economy.?Differing trends in how energy is used and consumed in these sectors has an
important bearing on the energy transition.

Primary?energy consumption by end-use sector??
Annual demand growth and sector contributions
??Primary?energy used in power is allocated according to final sector electricity?consumption
* Industry excludes non-combusted?use of fuels
Annual?demand growth and sector contributions
Annual demand growth and sector contributions

The industrial sector (including the non-combusted use of fuels) currently consumes around half of all global energy and feedstock fuels, with residential and commercial buildings (29%) and transport (21%) accounting for the remainder.


In the ET scenario, the growth of energy consumption in all sectors slows as gains in energy efficiency quicken. The slowing in demand growth is most marked in the transport sector – with the growth of transport demand less than half the rate of the previous 20 years – as improvements in vehicle efficiency accelerate.


Growth of energy demand used within industry also slows. Despite this, the non-combusted use of fuels within industry – particularly as a feedstock in petrochemicals – is the fastest-growing source of incremental demand.


The importance of energy used within buildings expands over the Outlook, as growing prosperity in developing economies leads to significant increases in power demand, for space cooling, lighting and electrical appliances.

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