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球探篮球nba比分网:Nominee and beneficial holdings

A nominee shareholder or beneficial holder is a person or company who holds shares or ADSs in a company on behalf of someone else

Ordinary shareholders holding through a nominee

nba比分188 www.y2w8y.com.cn In this case the nominees name would appear on the share register and instead of having a share certificate you would have a statement from your nominee holder (e.g. your bank or broker) showing the number of BP shares you have in your account with them.

If you hold through a nominee you must route all your requests for shareholder information through them.

Information for ADS beneficial holders

If you do not hold your ADSs directly but hold them through a bank, broker or nominee you should contact them for information.

You must route all your requests for shareholder information through the bank, broker or nominee. You can ask them to register you with us as an indirect shareholder so that you can receive shareholder correspondence directly from us. You can also issue instructions to them concerning voting at attending the Annual General Meeting each year and in respect of your dividends.

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