nba比分预测分析:Major projects 2016

2016 was the year BP made significant strides in creating a stronger platform for growth. BP launched six major project start-ups - from Algeria to the Gulf of Mexico. We now have a stronger and more diversified Upstream portfolio that lays the foundation for future growth.

~125 mboed gross annual average production

nba比分188 In Amenas is a wet-gas field, operated in partnership between Algerian state oil company Sonatrach, BP and Statoil. The field is approximately 810 miles from Algiers and about 40 miles west of the Libyan border. The project scope consists of two gas turbine compressor trains, a new slug-catcher, a produced water surge drum, associated utilities and control systems and tie-ins to the existing plant. It is expected to develop 216 million barrels of oil equivalent.

Completed: December 2016

~70 mboed gross annual average production

The In Salah Gas joint venture is located in central Algeria, approximately 690 miles from Algiers. The Southern Fields project involves the development of four dry gas fields: Gour Mahmoud, In Salah, Garet el Befinat and Hassi Moumene. The project scope consists of a new 500 million standard cubic feet per day gas dehydration central processing facility (CPF), 26 wells with gathering flow lines and export pipelines. Modifications to two existing CPFs in the Northern fields will add additional dehydration and compression capacity. Drilling of the 26 wells began in 2014 and is planned to continue until 2018.

Completed: February 2016

~10 mboed gross annual average production

Point Thomson is a remote natural gas field located on Alaska’s North Slope, approximately 60 miles east of Prudhoe Bay. It is estimated to hold about 25% of known natural gas on the North Slope. The initial Production System (IPS) project is a reservoir cycling project where condensate will be removed from produced gas for export and the gas will be re-injected into the reservoir. Processing facilities include separation, compression and utilities plants, three new wells and gathering and condensate export lines. A pipeline is being installed with capacity of 70,000 barrels per day (for future field expansion) which will take condensate to the Trans-Alaska Pipeline.

Completed: April 2016

~50 mboed gross annual average production

The Thunder Horse platform is located around 150 miles southeast of New Orleans in over 6,000 feet of water. The South Expansion Project comprises a new subsea drill centre located two miles from the Thunder Horse platform. Three new wells and an existing fourth well are expected to tie-into the new drill centre. Topsides scope is minimal as a result of maximising use of existing subsea infrastructure.

Completed: December 2016

25 mboed gross annual average production

The Thunder Horse platform is located around 150 miles southeast of New Orleans in over 6,000 feet of water. The water injection project is expected to develop an additional 65 million barrels of oil equivalent (gross). The project scope comprises refurbishment and replacement of existing topsides and subsea equipment, procurement and installation of new equipment and the drilling and completion of two water injection wells. Water will be injected from the two new wells into the reservoir to increase pressure and enhance production.

Completed: May 2016

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