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BP is set to electrify the UK with the acquisition of Chargemaster

BP has entered into an agreement to buy Chargemaster - the operator of the UK’s largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network and the leading supplier of EV charging infrastructure

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BP Magazine

The road ahead: BP and the mobility future

BP Magazine meets the team of innovators, experts and future-focused business developers that make up BP’s advanced mobility unit


  • 25 September 2018
    Expert view: Africa's growing energy sector

    Across Africa, populations are growing; cities are booming and economies are advancing – and, as prosperity and quality of life rise, so will demand for energy. BP Magazine delves into the facts and figures and asks three BP experts for their professional – and personal – takes on the onward march of African energy markets

  • 18 July 2018
    20 years of ETAP

    One of the most ambitious and complex developments in the North Sea, BP’s ETAP hub, is celebrating 20 years of production, with the man at the helm celebrating more than most. Colin Reid fulfilled a long-held dream when he joined the ETAP team, a dream he hopes long continues

  • 4 July 2018
    'I was on a mission - that's the only way to describe it'

    When BP’s chief scientist and head of downstream technology once applied for a summer internship, she was turned down as the role was thought ‘better suited to a young man’. This month, Dr Angela Strank makes history as the first woman to receive the prestigious Cadman Award from the Energy Institute. BP Magazine hears how a childhood fascination with Marie Curie led to a remarkable career in science and business


  • 10 September 2018
    Brand power: Castrol China's decade of growth

  • 12 August 2018
    The long game: growth potential in the Gulf of Mexico and Canada

    As BP boosts production in the Gulf of Mexico and seeks new exploration opportunities off the coast of Canada, regional president Starlee Sykes explains how deepwater developments underpin BP’s upstream strategy and the significant role oil and gas will continue to play in the changing energy mix

  • 10 August 2018
    Working in extreme temperatures

    This summer has highlighted dangers of intensely hot weather, but, in some countries where BP operates, the challenges of working in extreme temperatures are always present. BP Magazine reports on two locations, where supplying energy to the world means working in brutal conditions: from the deserts of Oman to the frozen North Slope of Alaska


  • 3 September 2018
    Digital twin: how the APEX system optimizes production

    Imagine being able to create a digital twin of your body to test the impact of different choices on your arteries, veins and organs. Sounds good? That's the concept behind BP’s?highly-sophisticated simulation and surveillance system called APEX that creates a virtual copy of all BP’s production systems throughout the world. BP Magazine finds out how it is helping to optimize production, add value and, crucially, save precious engineering time

  • 11 July 2018
    Fleet first: new gas carriers set sail with latest tech

    With the global liquefied natural gas (LNG) trade predicted to grow seven times faster than pipeline gas, BP Shipping’s new Partnership class vessels are an invaluable addition to the fleet. Find out more about the technology on board these latest LNG giants as they make their debut on the water

  • 28 June 2018
    The road ahead: BP and the mobility future

    Is the future electric? Will driverless cars dominate the roads? And; what will the forecourts of the future look like? BP Magazine meets the team of innovators, experts and future-focused business developers that make up BP’s advanced mobility unit (AMU). The team are finding the answers to these questions and more by exploring and testing new business models and transport concepts that could eventually change the way we travel


  • 30 October 2018
    3Q: Results in brief

    The headline numbers and highlights from BP's third quarter results for 2018

  • 31 July 2018
    2Q: Results in brief

    The headline numbers and highlights from BP's second quarter results for 2018

  • 27 June 2018
    Methane matters: the science and the challenges

    Methane emissions are the hot topic at this month’s World Gas Conference, with business leaders including BP’s group chief executive Bob Dudley and Upstream CEO Bernard Looney setting out action to reduce them. But why is methane an issue? And what exactly is BP doing about it?