nba比分直播虎扑:BP’s Advancing Low Carbon accreditation programme

Today’s growing world is demanding more energy, as well as a path to a low carbon future. At BP, we embrace this dual challenge

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We are working to help advance the energy transition by reducing emissions in our own operations, improving our products to help customers lower their emissions and creating low carbon businesses. We believe that to deliver significantly lower emissions, every type of energy needs to be cleaner and better.

BP’s Advancing Low Carbon (ALC) accreditation programme is specifically designed to encourage every part of BP to pursue lower carbon opportunities. Activities within the programme can come from all parts of our business – our products, our operations, our investments, our ventures. They can be actions we take ourselves within BP or in collaboration with others. But they must all have one thing in common – they must demonstrate what we call a better carbon outcome. They must also meet our strict criteria and requirements and be independently assured by our assurance partner, Deloitte LLP.

The ALC accreditation programme is a new initiative which highlights many, but not all, of BP’s actions on low carbon. This is just the beginning. Our aspiration is that the programme will grow over time, helping us and our partners to advance low carbon in the years to come.

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