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Our Advancing Low Carbon (ALC) programme covers a wide range of activities across BP’s businesses

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ALC carbon outcome
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GHG saved/offset

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Some activities demonstrate a tangible low carbon impact through emissions saved or offset; others reflect longer term investments in emerging technologies and new business ventures or support of independent academic research.

We estimate 18mn tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) are saved or offset through ALC activities delivered by BP and another 4.3mn tonnes CO2e through ALC activities delivered by BP partners1. Further information on ALC methodologies is available here.

ALC activities accredited in 2018

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1 GHG emissions saved and offset are to two significant figures and provided on a 100% gross basis. We estimate the total emissions saved or offset from the accredited activities using a variety of methodologies and baselines. The figures are aimed at illustrating the impact of the programme as a whole rather than a quantification of specific savings made by BP or by BP partners. The scope of accredited activities is wider than and unaligned with the scope of activities giving rise to emissions within BP’s operational emissions boundary. Therefore, the figures are not directly comparable to BP’s reported emissions.

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