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虎扑nba比分:Natural gas

Gas offers a cleaner?alternative to coal for power generation and can lower emissions at scale

nba比分188 www.y2w8y.com.cn Natural gas produces about half as much carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions as coal, when burned for power, which is why expanding its use globally is critical to reducing CO2 emissions.? Gas also emits fewer pollutants, so it is better for air quality.

Gas is an ideal, cost-effective partner to renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar and hydropower, providing a consistent back-up source of power to their variability.

Already widely used for heating homes and businesses, gas can also deliver the high temperatures needed in heavy industries like steel and cement. And it is becoming more accessible around the world, thanks to a growing global gas market connected by ship and pipeline.

We are active in finding and producing gas, in addition to its transport, storage and sale. This means we are in a good position as the market continues to grow. And by tackling methane emissions?– the main component of natural gas and a potent greenhouse gas – we are helping to make sure that gas is a major lower carbon resource for years to come.

Meeting gas demand in Turkey

Shah Deniz 2

The Southern Gas Corridor is set to change the energy map of an entire?region – connecting gas supplies in the Caspian to markets in Europe for the?very first time. We began supplying gas to Turkey in 2018 and gas deliveries to?Europe are expected to begin in 2020.


At full production, the Shah Deniz 2 field – located in the Azerbaijan?sector of the Caspian Sea – is expected to deliver enough gas to meet the needs?of every capital city along the Southern Gas Corridor more?than twice over. At its peak, during construction, the project supported 30,000?jobs.?

The Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline is the longest pipeline ever built in Turkey. This is an important achievement; gas from the Caspian Sea means a diversified, cleaner energy source for the country.Emily Olson,vice president communications and external affairs, Southern Gas Corridor, BP
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