nba比分最高是多少:Livelihoods and communities

We recognize that our activities could adversely impact the rights of people in communities close to our sites

nba比分188 We work hard to prevent and reduce any negative impacts on the livelihoods, land, environment, culture, health and wellbeing of people in communities near our activities, including indigenous peoples. We screen our major projects to identify and manage any potential impacts, including human rights.

If we do cause, or contribute to, adverse impacts on the human rights of communities near our operations, we are committed to providing for, or co-operating in, making it right.

In Trinidad & Tobago, for example, we conducted seismic surveys to develop our Juniper gas field. This affected people working in the local fishing industry as it meant they could not work in the area for safety reasons. Following consultations with fishing associations and communities, we made payments for temporary loss of livelihood to those affected.

In Azerbaijan, the state leased or purchased land from its owners and transferred it to the South Caucasus Pipeline Company, which is a consortium of energy companies including BP. As part of our process, we are restoring the land and have paid compensation, which included a livelihood restoration allowance for possible loss of crop productivity after the land had been reinstated and returned.

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