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We aspire to no accidents, no harm to people and no damage to the environment. To deliver this, we carefully plan our operations, identifying potential hazards and managing risks at every stage

nba比分188 www.y2w8y.com.cn We design our facilities to appropriate industry standards and manage them throughout their lifetime.


Human performance in safety

People, and how they interact with equipment, processes and each other, are fundamental to a safe working environment.


We have introduced techniques for teams to analyse and redesign tasks to reduce the chance of mistakes occurring.


An example of this is when the team working in the control room at our Tropical biofuels mill in Brazil redesigned the way data is presented to make it easier for them to monitor operations.

Our approach

Key issues for our industry:

  • preventing accidents and incidents
  • monitoring security
  • keeping people safe.

We focus on all of these so people can go home safely.

Our approach to safety – graphic

Managing contractor safety

More than half of the hours worked by BP are carried out by contractors. So, their skills and performance are vital to our ability to carry out our work safely and responsibly.


Our standard model contracts include health, safety and security requirements. Through bridging documents, we define how our safety management system co-exists with those of our contractors to manage risk on a site. And for our contractors facing the most serious risks, we conduct quality, technical, health, safety and security audits before awarding contracts. Once they start work, we continue to monitor their safety performance.


Training together

Through simulation exercises we help prepare both staff and contractors in the unlikely event of real-life safety incidents. Working with Maersk Training, our drilling teams tackle scenarios based on wells that crews are drilling or preparing to drill. The simulator replicates a series of abnormal situations, such as a fire, a person overboard, or a helicopter crash on the flight deck.


We believe that this is the future for training operational teams and crews and BP is, together with Maersk Training, showing the way for the industry.
Johan Uggla,chief executive officer, Maersk Training


This industry-leading training builds the crews’ technical skills, reinforces the importance of clear communication and procedures, and emphasizes non-technical skills to identify and manage risks related to human error.


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