wnba比分直播新浪:Keeping people safe

We focus on keeping employees and contractors safe and alert to potential hazards that could occur in their work

nba比分188 www.y2w8y.com.cn Nothing matters more than every one of our people returning home safely each day. Tragically, we suffered one fatality in 2017, when a firefighter died in the course of his duties at our biofuels business in Brazil. We deeply regret this loss and continue to work towards eliminating injuries and fatalities in our work.

Everyone working at BP has the authority to stop unsafe work. Our leaders are accountable for helping to build this culture of care in their teams and every employee is responsible for keeping themselves and each other safe.

We work with our peers to create industry-wide standards. For example, dropped objects are one of the most common hazards in the oil and gas industry. This is because a lot of our work is done at height and uses heavy equipment. Within industry group IPIECA, we have developed a global performance standard to help us monitor and improve prevention programmes, investigate incidents and implement corrective actions from lessons learned.

We have a strong speak-up culture. It is the catalyst that inspires people to take ownership, not only for their personal safety, but also for the safety of others.
Joel Johnson, safety committee chair, BP’s Cherry Point refinery


As a global business, BP monitors for hostile actions that could harm our people or disrupt our operations. We particularly look at operating areas affected by political and social unrest, terrorism, armed conflict or criminal activity.

Our 24-hour response information centre keeps watch over global events and related developments, providing real-time information and accounting for staff’s whereabouts. This meant that in March 2017 we were aware of the terrorist attack in London’s Westminster almost immediately. Within minutes we knew which employees had scheduled meetings or travel plans in the surrounding area, so we were able to confirm their safety and provide advice.

Cyber threats

Cyber attacks are on the rise and our industry is subject to evolving risks from hacktivists, cyber criminals, terrorists and insiders. We have experienced threats to the security of our digital infrastructure, but none of these had a significant effect on our business in 2017. 

We collaborate closely with governments, law enforcement and industry peers to understand and respond to new and emerging threats.

To encourage vigilance among our employees, our cyber security programme covers topics such as email phishing and the correct classification and handling of our information.

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