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Our global energy trading business – commonly known as supply and trading – connects BP to the world’s traded markets for oil, gas, power, refinery feedstocks and currencies

Keeping the world’s energy moving

nba比分188 Getting our oil, gas and refined products to the people and businesses who need them, wherever they may be in the world, is a complex job.

The supply and trading business markets BP’s equity crude oil and natural gas, imports feedstocks for our refinery system and buys products to meet marketing demand. We offer a combination of unique expertise in physical supply and trading, innovative financial structures and world-class analytics to deliver long-term value, from wellhead to end customer.

The global trade in energy resources and oil-based products is complex and sophisticated – prices change constantly, as does demand. Our traders monitor market information continuously and talk to brokers, refinery staff and the people based in our production operations. They have to be ready to make sound business decisions at a moment’s notice.

A career in supply and trading

A large percentage of our turnover flows through our supply and trading activities. Through working with other energy companies, financial institutions, and other partners, our employees gain wide exposure to the sector, creating long-term career development opportunities. 

We have around 3,000 employees, most of who are based in our main trading hubs in London, Chicago, Houston and Singapore – and the passion, ambition, and enthusiasm we have for working at the cutting-edge of trading is clear.

Signatory to the UK HM Treasury’s Women in Finance Charter

Our supply and trading business is a signatory to the UK HM Treasury’s Women in Finance charter. Ensuring we have a diverse workforce is integral to our commitment to building a great team. We know from experience that diversity of thought adds real value to our business, and gender diversity is an important part of this. Signing the Women in Finance Charter is an indication of our global commitment to supporting the development and progression of women into senior roles within our organization.

By 2020, our global goal is for 33% of our group level leaders and senior leaders to be female.

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