nba比分下to什么意思:Susan Dio

Chairman & president of BP America

 nba比分188 Executive team tenure: Appointed 1 September 2018

Outside interests:
No external appointments

Age: 57

Nationality: American


Susan joined BP in 1984 from the University of Mississippi with a degree in chemical engineering. Prior to her current role as president and chairman of BP America, Susan was chief executive of BP Shipping, based in London, with responsibility for moving 200 million tons of oil, gas and products around the world each year. Responding to the demands of a changing energy marketplace, Susan reset the organization’s strategy and oversaw the recent renewal of the BP fleet, including the commissioning and delivery of 26 highly efficient new tankers.

Susan also has extensive experience in BP's refining and marketing operations, serving as head of audit for those operations worldwide from 2013 to 2015. Before that, she ran the Bulwer Island refinery in Brisbane, Australia. Between 2006 and 2010, she was plant manager of BP’s Texas City chemicals business.

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