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Melody Meyer  - Independent non-executive director

Independent non-executive director


nba比分188 www.y2w8y.com.cn Appointed 17 May 2017?


Board and committee activities:

Member of the safety, environment and security assurance, geopolitical and chairman's committees.?


Outside interests:

President of Melody Meyer Energy LLC

Director of the National Bureau of Asian Research

Trustee of Trinity University

Non-executive director of AbbVie Inc.

Senior Advisor to Cairn India Limited

Non-executive director of National Oilwell Varco, Inc.








Melody Meyer started her career with Gulf Oil in Houston. Gulf Oil later merged with Chevron where Melody remained until her retirement in 2016.


During her career with Chevron, Melody had key leadership roles in global exploration and production, working on international projects and operational assignments. In 2004 Melody became vice president for the Gulf of Mexico business unit, and in 2008 became president of the Chevron Energy Technology Company. From 2011 Melody was president of Asia Pacific Exploration and Production, responsible for the financial and operating performance of the upstream assets in nine countries in Chevron's Asia Pacific region. Melody was the executive sponsor of the Chevron Women's Network and continues as a mentor and advocate for the advancement of women in the industry. She was recognized as a 2009 Trinity Distinguished Alumni, with the BioHouston Women in Science Award, was the ASME Rhodes Petroleum Industry Leadership Award recipient and in 2018 as an Influential Woman in Energy.


Relevant skills and experience

Melody Meyer has spent her entire career in the oil and gas industry. The breadth, variety and geographic scope of her experience is distinctive. Her career has been marked by a focus on excellence, safety and performance improvement. She has expertise in the execution of major capital projects, creation of businesses in new countries, strategic and business planning, merger integration and safe and reliable operations.


Melody brings a world-class operational perspective to the board, with a deep understanding of the factors influencing safe, efficient and commercially high-performing projects in a global organization.?

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