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nba比分迅盈:Nils Andersen

Nils Andersen

Independent non-executive director


nba比分188 www.y2w8y.com.cn Appointed 31 October 2016


Board and committee activities:

Chair of the safety, ethics and environment assurance, member of the geopolitical, nomination and governance, remuneration and chairman’s committees

Outside interests:

Non-executive director of Unilever Plc and Unilever NV

Chairman of?Salling Group A/S

Chairman of F?rch Plast Group A/S

Chairman of Akzo Nobel N.V.
Chairman of WWF Denmark








Nils Andersen was group chief executive of A.P. M?ller-M?rsk from 2007 to June 2016. Prior to this he was executive vice president of Carlsberg A/S and Carlsberg Breweries A/S from 1999 to 2001, becoming president and chief executive officer from 2001 to 2007. Previous roles include non-executive director of Inditex S.A. and William Demant A/S. He has also served as managing director of Union Cervecera, Hannen Brauerei and chief executive officer of the drinks division of the Hero Group.


Nils was elected as a member and chairman of the supervisory board of Akzo Nobel N.V. in April 2018 and was recently appointed as chairman of WWF Denmark.


Nils received his graduate degree from the University of Aarhus.


Relevant skills and experience

Nils Andersen has extensive experience in consumer goods, retail and logistics, having led global corporations with integrated operations worldwide. He has substantial skill, knowledge and experience in marketing, brand and reputation issues. He has broad shipping and upstream energy industry experience which aligns with BP's shipping business. His leadership earlier in his career focused on the transformation of businesses, leaner organizations and increasing competitiveness, as well as increasing transparency and communication with stakeholders. Nils has recently moved from the audit committee to the safety, ethics and environment assurance committee where he will shortly take the chair. His broad business experience and his knowledge of safe operations in our industry makes him very well qualified for that role.?

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