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The BP brand represents both what we do and what we aspire to do as an organization
Helios logo

nba比分188 www.y2w8y.com.cn BP is our main global brand. It is the name that appears on production platforms, refineries, ships and corporate offices as well as on wind farms, research facilities and at retail service stations.

Since ‘BP’ petrol first went on sale in Britain in the 1920s, the brand has grown to become recognized worldwide for quality gasoline, transport fuels, chemicals and alternative sources of energy such as wind and biofuels. We are committed to making a real difference in providing better energy that is needed today and in the changing world of tomorrow.

We are committed to our values of safety, respect, excellence, courage and one team. They make us the company we are. Everything we do has to live up to these values.

Why our brand matters

Our brand is a foundation for everything we do. In our Upstream business, for example, it’s a mark of our approach. It provides the values that drive access to new developments, and the types of relationships we build with partners and governments. In our customer-facing businesses, the brand is a guide for our customers, reflecting our promise in terms of products, services and relationships.


Our brand is key both internally and externally. We’re constantly reviewing our brand positioning and how we communicate it, to ensure it’s relevant and supports both our current business and our aspirations for the future. We carry out regular research to understand how our brand performs in various markets, and to see what our brand means to others.

The Helios – our logo

Our logo was launched in 2000 and was designed as a dramatic break with tradition. Nearly two decades later, it is still unlike any other energy identity and symbolises a number of things – not least our greatest source of energy: the sun itself
BP service station

The colours of the Helios – named after the Greek god of the sun – suggest heat, light and nature. It is also a pattern of interlocking shapes: like BP, a single entity created by many different parts working as one. This was particularly relevant, as the new brand was launched after a series of mergers and acquisitions. It united all the heritage companies and employees that now make up BP and its global brand.

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