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nba比分直播新浪:Rubbish takes off

At BP, we don’t like to see good ideas go to waste. That’s why we’re backing Californian company Fulcrum BioEnergy. They’ve got a rubbish plan, and it’s brilliant: turning everyday household waste into energy. With our help, their idea is about to take off

The humble banana skin has sent many comedians tumbling to the floor. Now, it’s helping 300-tonne airliners to take off. We’re not joking.


We’re working with Californian company Fulcrum BioEnergy to do exactly that.


It has found a new way to transform household waste into jet fuel.


What’s more, the process uses a new ‘rubbish technology’ developed with BP’s scientists.?

Fulcrum’s new Sierra, US, plant is under construction right now and that’s great news for the environment for two reasons.


One, the plant diverts the amount of rubbish that’s sent to landfill. And two, the fuel made at the plant produces 80% fewer carbon emissions than that of conventional petroleum fuel.


Once it’s fully operational, Fulcrum’s Sierra plant will be eating up around 175,000 tons of household garbage a year, and turning it into approximately 11 million gallons of fuel. That’s enough for at least 180 return flights between London and New York.


Taking out the rubbish has never been more satisfying.?

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As we look to the future we’re working to make every part of our business lower carbon

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